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You have Arrived 

The Mind, Body, Spirit Guidance
5 week Alignment Container

10/20 - 11/17

Activate, Balance, Shine, Align

Begins on the Full Moon  


Sweet Soul,

I invite you to place your Hand on your Heart


Look Around


Take Note of your Surroundings


What do you See?


What do you Feel? 

Tune in 

The Present is Precious 

Your Power is Potent

This Moment is so Sacred

Here We Are 

Where you are in This Moment, is Special

Are you Seeing your Life from the Most Clearest Lens?

Do you Wish to Look Around and Feel Completely Whole?

You Are Worthy 

You Are Enough 

You Are Ready to Rise 

Divine light being..

Awaken to your Mission
give Yourself Permission to Align your Mind Body and Spirit
This is your Divine Time to Shine 

What if you Lived a Life of True Freedom and Accessed your Magic and Power? 

What if you Faced your Fears, Blocks and Traumas that are Preventing you from Living your Dream Reality? What if you Finally Discovered what Alignment and Balance Within the Mind Body and Spirit Really Feels Like?


Hurt People Hurt People, Healed People Heal People. We are Meant to do the Healing Work so We Can Live a Life of True Love and Happiness. To Get There, we Must Feel it to Heal it. No matter how Stuck in the Mud you May Feel, no Matter how Deep the Blocks are, You Can Work Through it, You Can.. We Can

Don’t Hesitate to Receive Help and Guidance. 

There is no Shame in Not Being Totally Okay. 

There is No Shame in Needing a Hand Through The Parts of You that Feel Stuck in the Mud


It's Okay to Not Be Okay, but it’s Not Okay to Stay There…

You Are not a Lost Cause, You’re Not too Far Gone, you're not too old, too young, too ugly, too skinny, too fat, too weird, too dumb, too poor...

Let Go of the Stories that are Replaying in the Mind and not Serving You..

You are Valuable You Are on Track, you are Right Where you Need to be Right Now

Your Life is Precious

Trust Yourself

Trust your Intuition

Start a New Beneficial Beginning


Mind, Body, Spirit Guidance 


5 week Healing & Activating Container


Deep Healing            Deep Transformation

Restore Balance & Alignment within the Mind, Body and Spirit 

Unlock your Unique Codes and Awaken to your Magic 


Release the Fears, Blocks, Old stories, Resistance 

Step into your Greatest Version, Timelime


What to expect..

4 week Live Group Intensive online Gatherings


+1 one private One on One Mind Body Spirit Session

+Weekly Pre-Recorded Videos for you to Keep Involving Tools to Bring Balance within the Mind, Body & Spirit

Unlimited Text Support 

Deeply Loving & Heart Centered Connections with People All Over the World 

You Are Ready For..

Week One~ Intro Ceremony, Allow Yourself to Be Deeply Seen, Heard, and Held. Healing the Mind Body and Spirit.

+Private/Exclusive Transformational Meditation/breath-work video


Week Two~ Awakening the Power of the Mind Body and Spirit- Clearing old wounds, Traumas, Fears. 

+Private/Exclusive Channelled Light Language Healing Codes+Vocal Activation Video

Week Three~Channelled guidance, Readings, Messages for your Specific Journey.

+Private/Exclusive Sacred Heart Opening Movement Flow, Yoga+Dance


Week Four~ Understanding/Knowing your Unique Mind, Body, Spirit Codes, Wisdom and Gifts. 

+Private/Exclusive Mind Body Spirit Motivation+prayer

Week 5~Private one on one Mind Body Spirit Guidance Session

Begins on The Full Moon

October 20, 2021


What is The Mind, Body and Spirit Guidance Container?

The mind body and spirit container is a 5 week deep healing and activating course held via online, BEGINS OCTOBER 20TH ON THE FULL MOON. it is a safe and sacred space for all genders and backgrounds.

this sacred portal will align and activate your mind, body and spirit, so you can live in balance within all 3.

 begins 10/20- 11/17

We Will meet every Wednesday

1:11pm Hawaii time

4:11pm pst time 

6:11pm central time 


This sacred CONTAINER wiLL greatly assist you on your journey

Who is this for?

All genders and backgrounds

souls that desire to fully tap into their power, freedom, and sovereignty


light beings that want change, growth, positive transformation

all identities that are ready to receive healing & GO THROUGH THE LAYERS 

people who would like to receive support and tools to align & balance the mind, body and spirit


Sacred Steps to getting your foot into the Mind Body Spirit Guidance Container 

1. SMILE BIG, you're about to step into something so beautiful and beneficial for your Mind, Body & Spirit 

2. Reserve your seat inside, Do a happy DANCE!!! 


3. Look out for emails from containing details of the container & make sure to make time and space for the first ceremony on Full moon 10/20 and beyond 


I'm truly so grateful for your commitment to growth and alignment, wholeness, thank you for showing up the way you are, you're a star!


It is my greatest joy and gift to be in service for you beautiful soul, thank you 


see you soon


with so much love and gratitude




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Meet the facilitator

Jerithe Martinez~Cherry

Mind Body Spirit Guide

Jerithe also known as Cherry is an Ancient Soul living in a Modern World

Here to Spread Wisdom Codes and Restore Balance and Alignment

within the Mind Body and Spirit for the collective. Jerithe was born in 

Chicago, Il & her roots are in Mexico. She is First Generation to 

Start Life in the United States from her Bloodline. Jerithe Experienced 

many obstacles in her childhood, these Lessons Prepared her to Grow

at a Young age and she Began her Healing Journey so she can Support others on their Path. Jerithe is a Mind, Body and Spirit Guide. Her Calling is to be in Service by Providing Helpful Tools and and Share her Powerful Gifts with the World. Thank you for being here, if you feel the call to work with me and go deeper, its is my greatest pleasure to connect with you.